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I'm currently a research mechanical engineer at Oculus Research in Seattle building the future of soft robotics and haptic feedback.

I love building things. I got my start building a wind turbine out of junked parts, and just kept putting stuff together. Hands-on problems excite me. Unstructured environments excite me. I work on novel technology in dynamic teams, and regularly collaborate with electrical engineers, software developers, and research scientists. My most successful projects employ a balance of mathematical simulation and prototyping, scoping out the problem with simple models before constructing focused prototypes.

I previously worked as a research scientist under Dr. Patrick Baudisch, building and studying metamaterials at the Hasso-Plattner Institut in Berlin, and ran mechanical design at Eltopia Communications, doing R&D on rugged weather sensors for industrial agriculture applications. I have experience designing tactile feedback systems for NASA in the BioRobotics Lab under Prof. Blake Hannaford and non-intrusive sensor systems in the Ubiquitous Computing Lab under Prof. Shwetak Patel.

I've led the mechanical design on 5 mechatonic products, performed dynamic modeling for a mass-market industrial sensor and on metamaterials, done research on haptics and tactile feedback for NASA, algorithm design for solid state sensors and CAD systems, and prototyped electric cars, reprogrammable material, mobile robots, and mechanical impedance matchers.

On the side I enjoy psychology and artificial intelligence, particularly the work of Douglas Hofstadter on modeling cognition, alternative economics, particle physics, cosmology, and all things on the final frontier. I also brew beer and play go.

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Currently in Seattle, WA
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